Carolyn Paplham is an illustrator who hails from the Greater Green Bay Area of northeastern Wisconsin. She spends her days working as a presentation designer for Wild Blue Technologies, and her evenings and weekends illustrating for both herself and clients.
When not drawing, she can be found reading, writing, going out for walks, and exploring local and not-so-local museums and historical sites.
Select Clients:
Brown County Library
St. Norbert College
Author Phil Adam
The S’More Fun Company
Published Work:
Bella the Bulldog, by Sarah Voss
—Neville Public Museum Juried Art Annual (2010) “Suspension of Disbelief”
—Mouvre: Brunch the '90s (2017) “Mully and Sculder”
—Neville Public Museum Juried Art Annual (2018) “TBA”
—Artless Bastard: Juried “Wanderlust” Show (2018) “The Universal Sign”
—Artless Bastard: Juried “Black, White, & Metallic” Show (2018) “Unlocked”
—Artless Bastard: Juried “Critters” Show (2018) “Picky,” “Monstrous Menagerie,” “Collecting Dust”
—Neville Public Museum Juried Art Annual (2019) “The Universal Sign,” (Honorable Mention, purchased for permanent collection),“Monstrous Menagerie” (purchased for permanent collection)
—Artless Bastard: Juried “Rejected” Show (2019) “Fall Feline”
—Artless Bastard: Juried “Lyrical Muse” Show (2019) “Octopus’s Garden”
—Artless Bastard: Juried "Critters 2" Show (2019) "Storytime"
—The Art Garage: Juried "Underwater" Show (2020) "Octopus's Garden"
—Neville Public Museum Juried Art Annual (2020) "Octopus's Garden"
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